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Why So Serious?!?!

Hayden Cohen makes fun of influencers but here he tells us why their business is no laughing matter.

By Hayden Cohen

My full-time job is working with influencers, and I love it. It's something I'm really passionate about. I was able to leverage that onto my social, and use the experience that I had to poke fun at those experiences.

I call [my social media] not my “day job” or my not “real job,” but it's become a real business outside of my current day job. I see them both now as a work-life integration, as opposed to a balance, because my life is my work, and my work is my life.

Here’s what I can share about what I’ve learned.

Influencers trying to take their business to the next level

Create a business plan and a content calendar. Make sure you're consistently posting on the platforms you want to grow on and keep track of your collaborations with platforms like Google Drive, Google Sheets, or Trello … any way you're able to stay organized will be helpful in the long run when you're wanting to eventually grow your team and/or collaborations!

Working with brands and dream sponsorships

Since my follower growth, I've had a lot of companies reach out. I'm very selective in terms of what types of brands I work with; I don't work with a brand unless I try them and genuinely enjoy the experience with them. In 2021, I probably worked with 60 to 70 brands throughout the year. Some of those brands are dream brands of mine. Some of them are brands that I was introduced to and then became a fan of, and then walked through the customer experience with my followers. I worked with brands as big as a Dunkin' Donuts or an Amazon, and then something more like Niche, a local brand here in Boston. There's no brand that I wouldn't consider, as long as I am able to experience it and enjoy what they're able to offer.

McDonald's and Bravo are my two dream sponsorships, or Uber Eats. I'm always ordering food. I do it way too often. I'm usually ordering McDonald's through Uber Eats, so McDonald's is the endgame. Once I get a McDonald's partnership, I’ll feel like I hit the pinnacle of my career.

Knowing your community

I think my community is mostly women. It’s people who are interested in pop culture, influencers, and social media in general. I think really what it is is a supportive community who likes to laugh, who likes to have fun, and who doesn't take things too seriously. People don’t come to me to read about current events or what's going on in the news. I know that people come to my page, my stories, and my videos to laugh, to maybe learn about pop culture, or reality TV, but really what it comes down to is that my community is people who find humor in the everyday and just want an escape from what's going on in the world.


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Boston-based Hayden Cohen is the director of influencer marketing at a social media marketing boutique, and he took everything he learned in his day job to become an influencer himself with the popular, influencer culture-spoofing Instagram Hayderz, spotlighting his humor and love of pop culture.

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