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When Sharing Becomes Oversharing

By Charli D'Amelio

Balance with being on social media is probably one of the hardest parts of the job. I think it’s difficult, finding the line between being open and honest and sharing those behind-the-scenes moments of your life without displaying every little detail that you’ve ever lived.

# SharingAndSelfCaring

Everyone's dealing with their own stuff on and offline, and there’s not really a tip or trick for figuring out what’s right to share with the internet and what you should keep to yourself or the people close to you. It’s more your own comfortability. I think everyone is so different when it comes to posting online and how much they want to share. Once you're able to understand that and don't feel the need to overshare, you can be in a better space mentally. Honestly, most of the mainstream, A-list celebrities, you know nothing about their real lives. And that's a good thing, because you need to keep that boundary up. You still love them and you can still see raw moments, but it's not everything.

I think no matter what you choose to post online, the most important thing is to be open with the people in your real life. And don't try to hide things from them. Tell them what's going on. Just be honest and open.

# TrueFriends

A lot of my friends and family are content creators, so all of us are balancing commitments between our personal relationships and our work lives. Collaborating with my friends is one of my favorite parts of this job, but I don’t get to do it a lot. When it comes down to brand deals, a lot of my friends and I work with competing brands, so legally we cannot make videos together. But if a friend is doing something completely different and they need someone else in their video and I can help out, I’m always down.

Sometimes it can be hard to get time together with my favorite people because we’re all navigating different schedules. Once you learn to stop being upset about when someone can't hang out or something comes up last minute or someone doesn't reach out as much as you'd like them to – or that because of what’s going on in your life, you can't always be the friend that you want to be, even though you might have been two weeks ago – it’s a game-changer.

For me, it’s about supporting your friends when they need it, understanding that they have commitments they have to do, and also giving them their space. We've all been at a place where we’re super tired after a long day and just need a night to chill. Sometimes we just don't want to see people, and that's totally fine. If they’re the right people, they’ll understand. Recognizing that is helpful because then when you're alone, you don't feel as bad and you can be happy to be by yourself.

# BalancingBrands

When I’m managing my work for brands versus my work for myself, what is always helpful is staying on a schedule. I'm kind of a nerd about scheduling - I’m really strict with myself about it. So if a brand needs me at this time, I will be there at that time.

Respect is a super huge deal in this space, so having that I think is very important. It’s the best to work with brands that respect your time just as much as you respect theirs. I respect the brand relationship by having an understanding of the brand, what they want and how they want it delivered, and again it goes back to just being honest. Then on set, I just do what I’m there to do, read over the brief, understand what the brand needs from me and I know it'll all work out.

Becoming the best creator you can be starts with balance and boundaries. Once you’ve figured those out, it’s so much easier to know what you want to share with the world.

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