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The OGers Who Inspired Heidi D'Amelio

By Heidi D'Amelio

Obviously, as a family, we were on social media. The kids were on it. But I never understood it as a business.

Everything that creators talked about was so personal - like how you look at things and how you work. I didn’t see how this very personal interaction could also be a brand.

So I was using it to prepare - it wasn’t going to be a long time til my kids were out on their own. What does that mean for me as a woman, and a wife, and not in that role of stay-at-home mom anymore? So I was kind of looking for that guidance in this kind of new way with social media.

When I got on social media, I started watching creators who spoke to my lifestyle. I would religiously watch their videos or listen to their podcasts because I was so connected with their personal views on work and family and their outlook on things.

I didn't realize this until now, but when the kids got into social media it was like helping me understand social media.

These are my top 3 creators that helped me find my own voice online.

Kim Constable @thesculptedvegan

When I was preparing for my kids to move away and starting to re-focus on myself, I was unsure about that. I was looking for what I wanted to start doing for myself. And I found Kim’s content about her workouts and her vegan lifestyle really inspiring. But just her life in general - she's a mom, she's her kids who she's homeschooled, she's a wife, she's got this big business and she spends a lot of time working out and that's her business.

Gary Vaynerchuk @garyvee

Gary is so amazing because he got his dad’s wine store to take off into this huge business from doing video wine reviews, and from that he learned how powerful social media was and started his own creative & media agency. His content has taught me about this business and how to express ourselves as a family online.

Mel Robbins @melrobbins

I’ve never met Mel Robbins but I want to thank her. She’s helped me parent kids with anxiety, and navigating that and understanding it from a parent’s standpoint. She talks a lot about mental health and mindset, and just has some great life advice, which I think we could all use a little more of on our feeds.

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