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Quiet on Set with Dixie D’Amelio

By Dixie D'Amelio

I think to be a successful creator, you have to have two different sides. One side is organized and in charge of the things we need to do. The other side is creative and full of the things we want to do. So you have to blend them together. Even when I feel really rushed in my days on set (AHHHH!), I'm focusing on finding the balance while still staying true to myself.

# OrganizedFTW

"Honestly, I feel like I'm finally getting my act together with being 100 percent organized with all the things I need to do."

I have a very good team around me, and I'm very lucky for everyone who I've set up around me to make my life easier. But at the same time, it was very difficult to get to the point where I had all the right resources and I had the time to be doing everything that I'm doing, and then everything I want to do.

That’s why it’s so important for me to have balance. I’ve grown my career to where I have a team that I depend on, and who depend on me. So I have a responsibility to them, and myself, to stay on top of everything.

My balance on set starts with my organized side. I need to stay prepared for my upcoming projects and shoots. But how I prepare really depends. I don't always get to have the best night's sleep before or get to rest the way I want to, because I do have a lot of other things going on. So sometimes I'm in the studio until 3 a.m. the day before, and then I have a full photoshoot the next day. But I always try to do everything I can to get back on track so I don't ruin a full week of work.

"Music is a huge part of who I am but, when I’m working on set, it’s not going to affect my mood."

It’s kind of the opposite. When I'm tired, I'm tired, and music is not really going to change that. And I’m not going to ask anybody to change the vibe on set for me. I’m going to do my own process to make sure I’m on my game - which usually means grabbing a couple of energy drinks and I’m good to go.

What really affects my mood on set is the people around me. I get very anxious around other super anxious people, and if someone is yelling about how we “need to get this done now,” nobody on set is going to respond to it well. So, when I’m booking a day on set, I want to make sure the crew and the company are the kind people I really want to be around.

Really the most fun part of working on set isn’t getting into glam or being in front of the camera - it’s talking to the crew. Sometimes I’ll show up on set and there will be crew members there I worked with years ago. Being able to reconnect with someone is so important, and just having those conversations is what kind of makes the day easier - when you know the person you’re working with who's putting the mic on you or taking your picture. So much of what I love about my job is getting to connect with people, so it’s really cool to strike up a conversation and make relationships on set that are long-lasting.

# CreativeQueen

Even before I’m booked to work on a set, my creative side gets to come out. I start by finding brands I like or care about to share with my team and see if we can partner with them. If a brand reaches out to me, I want it to be something I actually use. In the deals I’m making, I usually make sure that I’m the head creative behind what I’m doing. Bringing in my own ideas that I’m excited about can sometimes turn a short-term deal into a long-term partnership.

If I'm working with a brand and it's going to go on my channel, I want to make sure I can be myself. Even if I really care about the brand and want to show it off, people won't believe me if I'm jumping around like "yes buy this!" because that's just not who I am. So making sure I'm still myself while I am showing off something I love is super important to me and my family.

The best way for me to balance both sides of my brand is by staying true to myself. All of the things I work on are things I really care about. And I feel like all the work that goes on behind the scenes would mean nothing if I wasn't myself.

"And I feel like all the work that goes on behind the scenes would mean nothing if I wasn't myself."

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