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My Double-Sided Dream

By Rachel Martino

My Dream Loft Studios is full of good vibes, but turning that creative energy into productivity takes more than just an eye for style

I’ve been sharing my life online since 2010, before content creators were really a thing. No one would dream of being a full-time creator. But here I am 12 years later, making it work as both a full-time content creator and new owner-operator of Dream Loft Studios in NYC, a studio space for other content creators like me. Living out this dream isn’t always easy - I really have to hustle to make it happen. But with a great team and a ton of time management, I stay on top of it.

Here’s how I manage a day in my double-life as a creator and business owner:

As a content creator, you’ve got the ambition part of the business down. You can come up with countless content ideas in a snap. But those ideas can’t come to fruition without great planning and time management.

(And, of course, coffee.)

Being a full-time creative is not all about having the best ideas - it’s also about having the ability to execute. I often have so many projects I want to work on for my channels and my studio that I don’t know where to start. That’s where my organizational skills come in. Even when I’m pulling double-duty as a studio owner and content creator, I need to access my one-track mind to take my ideas from start…

… To finish!

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