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Kate Boyechik: Finding Inspiration Wherever You Go

By The247

As the Queen of Reels, Russian fashion and lifestyle blogger Kate Boyechik living in Miami, FL says she always gets inspired by new locations when creating transitions for her 500K+ followers. So when she set foot into VidCon for the first time, she really got inspired.

The247: How did you enjoy VidCon?

Kate: Everything was wonderful! I am very glad that my husband and I managed to get to this festival and get such an experience. It was really a great, inspiring event (where) we managed to get in touch with the large(r) video content creation industry. It was definitely unforgettable!

Was this your first time here?

Kate: Yes, it was my first Vidcon! I think we'll definitely go again next year.

Was it what you expected?

Kate: Almost yes. But maybe it was (more) difficult for me as a foreigner. I didn't calculate the time myself, so I didn't have time to attend all the lectures I planned. It was also not immediately clear how to quickly get to a particular room, (so) thanks to your team for being able to escort (me) to the right areas.

Follow Kate: @kate.boyechik

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