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Endless Enthusiasm for Living and Learning Power Jordan Chiles' World

Olympic gymnast and college freshman, reveals some of the key elements that help her hit the mark.

Q&A with Jordan Chiles

Jordan Chiles

You're a new college freshman at UCLA, what was it like to jump onto a college campus after such a big summer on the world stage?

The adjustment to college wasn’t so dramatic, particularly with studies. I was used to working remotely as an elite athlete and high schooler. Juggling school, sports, family, life is really part of who I am. I like pushing myself!

You recently scored a perfect 10 in your floor exercise as a Bruin. What made this different from your elite work was the choreography and music. Can you tell us a little about the creativity that goes into developing your floor routine?

I’m known as the “Hype” woman. The energy and enthusiasm I put in the routines is transferred to the crowd to get them hyped up. And what’s not to be hyped with four of my favorite female artists?!? I used Dojo Cat, Lizzo, Cardi B and Normani for this routine. The huge amount of creativity that can go into different types of music can be liberating. Our choreographer coach BJ Das comes from the world of dance. She was a dancer for Usher and Chris Brown. She wants us to look like real dancers on the floor. She took the time to learn who I am and my personality. I loved the routine and it showed. It was super fun to do and collaborating with BJ to select the music and moves to make it fun.

You're known for your creativity. Can you share some words of wisdom and guidance for up-and-coming creators?

Very simply, embrace the artistry. There’s no wrong way of doing creative work. If it’s something you like, then build it into your work.

I’m always asking what do I truly love? I’m certain about a lot of things like super heroes. I built Wonder Woman and Spider Man into my routines. It’s fun and one of my passions. And it shows in my floor performance.

Enjoy creating. Show the world who you are. 100% use it. Go for it.

As you navigate the future and build more of who you are and what you stand for, tell us one of the more important things or values that you build into that map of the future?

I really just want to stay true to myself. I’m just a normal college student. A good friend. I’m strong with a good sense of humility.

How does that “true you” show up in social media, with your community?

The way I look at the world is how I speak about others. Giving encouraging words to others is part of who I am. I always help and support people to do what they love. I really try to give, in my community, with a spirit of generosity that I would want to receive as well.

Having an audience means you get to inspire others. How do you do that?

What I want to convey to my community…I want them to know that it’s a privilege and promise when you get to influence others. I want to inspire them to do what they love, stay safe, and be humble. I want them to know I’m with them. Whether it’s when I’m on live or in my DMs I’ll respond. I try to be helpful. Good energy brings more good energy. With my fans, it’s the safe zone. I love being able to connect with others.

Let’s talk about creativity, from dream collaborations to where you get inspired. Can you tell us a little about big dreams and daily inspirations?

Oh wow…my dream collaboration: Normani. She’s a black goddess. Literally I love everything she is, her story and she is a true inspiration.

And of course, on another level of dream collaborations: I’d love to do a custom sneaker: Jordan by Jordan. I love Jordans. And of course, I’m named after Michael Jordan so there’s that!

Where you’ll find me everyday:

Pinterest. Yep I love, love, love Pinterest. I find lots of inspiration there. From fashion, to dream homes, and dream events, I love seeing what’s out there. I’ve had Pinterest boards since I was super young and have always used that space to dream big.

Jordan Chiles is an Olympic Gymnast and a UCLA Bruin. If you don't see her at the gym, she's hanging out with friends, going to Disneyland or planning her next big event on her Pinterest board.

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Interviewed by Daphne Schwab

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