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How I Craft My Style

How watching, observing, and doing things you like can reveal clues to future trends.

By Dixie D'Amelio

I’m super inspired by fashion. I love everything about it and have always loved spotting new trends and seeing how other people are styling it. When I’m not wearing sweats at home, the outfits that I choose to wear are inspired by what I see. I’m lucky to have access to high fashion, and I want to use my access to share some of the cool things that I get to see with my community on social media.

I went to Fashion Week in London (I can’t believe I really get to say that!), and WOW! As someone who loves the runways, the music, the looks, the theatrics — it was all super inspiring. Not everything is going to be a trend, but I can imagine ways to wear things differently and make them my own. There were so many cool ideas on the runway, and I can’t wait to try them out myself.

When I’m not traveling to fashion shows with my family, I love to look through Instagram and Pinterest. It may sound old-fashioned, but we also love to scan major fashion brands online. It’s a simple way to relax.




Looking through Instagram and Pinterest is a great way to get exposed to new ideas. And it’s not just the clothes that can spark inspiration — I also look at some of the things that are trending, like musical artists, TV shows, and interior design. Stuff like this can really have an impact on trends. Sometimes musicians and TV characters become known for their style, and even the way that people are decorating their homes can reflect the trends that are happening in fashion.

In addition to current trends, I also like to look to the past. Charli and I love the style of the nineties. (My mom would totally laugh!) Social media wasn’t really a thing back then, so you have to watch old TV shows and movies and look at old photos to really get a feel for the aesthetic. There are also tons of Instagram accounts that share street fashion photos from the ‘90s. The past can be a huge source of inspiration, you just have to figure out how to make it work for today.

Three of my favorite IG accounts that highlight '90s fashion:




One of the reasons why Charli and I decided to start our own clothing brand, Social Tourist, is because we wanted to create cool clothes that work for everyone. Social Tourist is designed to make it easy and fun for people like us to experiment with different trends and eras of fashion. Even your pets can get in on the style with matching collars and sweatshirts! I really think that fashion can be a way to bring people together and create a real community, and cool brands that focus on inclusion, like Social Tourist, are super important for that.

Overall, the best way to approach trends and fashion is to draw inspiration from lots of different sources, and craft your own style out of the things that struck you the most. And never feel obligated to dress exactly the same as everyone else — if you like something, don’t be afraid to wear it however you want. After all, it’s your authentic self that people love. :)


My trendspotting tips


Dixie D'Amelio is a singer and internet phenomena living in Los Angeles via Connecticut. She has been singing her entire life and is currently working on building her musical career.

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