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Removing Shame From the Side Hustle

By Gregory Littley

When you’re building a brand from the ground up, you have to be intentional. You want to make this a thing you’re proud of, but you’ve also got to figure out how to monetize every part of it.

I need to have a balance between creating this brand and my growing freelance work. I’ve had such a gratifying experience building this brand because I’ve had someone to share it with. It was the easiest decision I’ve ever made to get into business with my co-founder Troy Solomon. But the actual execution of that - managing a brand while building new collections, posting content executed by our little team (us) - was so much harder.

We lean on each other through the toughest moments, but also to check each other when we need to set boundaries. Alone, we cannot focus on every single thing. Learning that is something that has helped us keep focused.

There is a pride element with people that can't make a living from being a full-time creator - like they’re ashamed that it’s just a side-hustle or they can’t fully go for it just yet. Everyone’s situation is different. Everything you do as a creator can be funneled into freelance and consulting work. Sometimes you can put 100% into creating your own content, but if not that’s okay too. Whatever steps you can take to start creating something of your own now are steps you should be so proud of.

So let’s chat about how we really balance our biz:

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