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Family Comes First

By Nick Casas

My name is Nick Casas. I am 30 years old. My daughter is Sienna and she is about to turn seven this July. We have been in the social media space for about three years now. We very, very luckily fell into it by uploading a series of covers that we sang in our living room. And we were very lucky to have the artists of the songs, see them and share them with their followings, which really helped, you know, get us out there. And then once we were able to share our story with so many people, things kind of just grew from there. So I thought it would be cool to be able to share a typical day-in-the-life with Sienna and I. It does vary throughout the week, but a general theme that kind of goes on throughout our weeks are a mixture of dance school and creating content for social media.

So something really cool that's came from this whole journey is our recent dive into more educational content. I would like to call it. Specifically, our STEM with Sienna content. She really likes learning new things, especially in the STEM category with science, technology, engineering, and math, whether it's random facts about space or, you know, what happens to a bubble when it pops or, you know, when the first phone call was made, things like that, you know, it's very rewarding to watch someone that you created yourself kind of blossom into like a little mini version of you, but it's even better when you know her own personality traits, show that's something else that I think is super cool about being a dad. One thing I also wanted to talk about since we do a lot of family content, there is I feel a very delicate balance of sharing too much of our lives and I just don't ever want this lifestyle to feel forced. Even for like these, these STEM videos that we're making.

We wouldn't be doing them if Sienna didn't like doing them. There's definitely limits and boundaries, of like, personal stuff in our lives that we keep, you know, in our family. And we're very grateful for this journey that we've been on. And something that strikes me is that we're pretty much just getting started because we're continuing to grow every day, every month, every year Sienna's gonna keep growing. Her interests are gonna change. You know, she may wake up one day and be like, you know what, dad, I don't wanna do anymore social media. And that'll be totally fine. Whatever happens, happens. I'm glad that I get to spend time with my daughter. I'm glad that I get to watch her grow up. I, you know, used to be a full-time law enforcement officer and last year I was able to quit and you know, it really came down to, I can go back and be a cop whenever I want to, but I'm never gonna get these years back with Sienna.

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