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Drawing the Line on What You Share as the Mom of a Creator

Q&A by Heidi D'Amelio

After enjoying Mother’s Day with the family, Heidi D'Amelio led a panel of parents discussing the unique balance of raising their children and balancing time and boundaries for content creation.

Heidi: How do you balance family time with content time?

Anisha: (mother of Avani Gregg aka avani)

You know, as most moms we want to support our kids. When I heard that Avani wanted to pursue, you know, doing makeup on social media and that she could make money… it was just so confusing. I felt like everything was a scam. I didn't trust anything.

Avani is very private, and likes to keep her personal life personal – and it's very hard when everybody knows everything about you that you put out there. How do you decide what you put out for her, as a mom? You're proud. You want to share. And, I think that's probably one of the reasons why her mom and dad (me and Lewis), we are not Creators ourselves.

I mean, as soon as they got a phone and they wanted to be on social media, I was their “friend.” And if you don't make me your “friend,” the phone goes away. That was our rule in the house. So when they were posting mistakes back then, because it's trending, I would catch it and be like, “delete that.”

Ebony + Denise: (creators of Team2Moms)

If my child is having a tantrum, is that the time to pull out a camera? No. That's the time to give my undivided attention to my child, to find out what's going on. So we don't always want to see things from behind the lens.

Heidi: (Heidi D'Amelio, mother of Charli D'Amelio and Dixie D'Amelio)

Always pay attention to what your kids are posting. Like: what are they doing and what are they not doing? And take those cues. You know, if (for example) she's not really posting her singing cause she's feeling a certain way about it right now, I'm going to respect that and not post. Sometimes you have to have the conversation and ask them: is this cool? I mean, I feel on one hand, they put so much of their life online, but that's still their life. And so out of respect, I ask them, because once it's out there, as we all know, it's out there forever.

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